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A new book by
Gilla Nissan

Gilla Nissan’s forthcoming book, The Hebrew Letters – A Universal Guide of Signs and Wonders, is the culmination of thirty six years of spiritual work. In its own quick, light, yet deep and transformative way, it conveys a universal message to both the personal soul and the collective soul.

Book Endorsements

 Gilla Nissan is both an explorer and a discoverer. With her work on the Hebrew letters, she is a courageous pioneer, entering and mapping realms others rarely visit, there to encounter that which has been eternally present.  We are grateful that she has shared with us her insights and her vision.
– Rabbi Jonathon Omer-Man, Editor of Encyclopedia Judaica, and advisor to the Dalai Lama:

 “According to Kabbalah, God created the world through the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. ” Now, Gilla Nissan has emulated this divine model. By discovering and exploring the hidden aspects of these same twenty-two letters, she enables each of us to create new worlds of meaning and imagination. Open this book and you will be amazed, inspired, and transformed.
Daniel Matt author, The Essential Kabbalah, God and the Big Bang, and the multi-volume annotated translation, The Zohar: Pritzker Edition

The Holy Letters. Creation through shape, sound and vibration. The breath of imagination. The cosmic dance. The Letters embodied in the heart. Gilla Nissan’s gift. Come, play with her.
Deena Metzger  writer, Entering the Ghost River: Meditations on the Theory and Practice of Healing, and A Rain of Night Birds.

A new book by
Gilla Nissan

From the beginning
the 22 Hebrew Letters have been understood
by sages to be secret ‘Signs & Wonders’.
In addition to being the building blocks of a language
and a numerical system,
they also serve as mystical tools of creation,
a spiritual DNA.
They were uttered to create our world.
Our world is nothing but vibrations.
We too can create our life with these Letters.
Each Letter offers a distinct essence, specific direction
and a message as well as illumination and empowerment.
We invite you to use these tools
in order to create what you long for.


In this work we come together to first allow silence to unite us and the ways of the Letters to guide us. Our time together include teaching, reflection and council. We engage in writing, storytelling, dream telling, deep listening, bearing witness, prayer, meditation, solitude, music, rituals, celebrations and divination. We honor the the intuitive mind, the sacred and the earth.

We come to see that the Story we have been given to live can be essential to our healing and spiritual paths. We come to see that this unique story is an essential part of our work together. Spirit speaks to us through these very stories with a directness and intelligence that far exceeds the greatest human abilities. It reveals to us experiences, mysterious circumstances, synchronicities and dreams.

Our heart together with the Beauty and Wisdom of our world, invite us to learn to read these signs, recognize where we are being called and to what. It guides us to understand and follow the profound and exact instructions we’ve been given.

The Letters become perfect and precise vehicles.

The conservative paths of the past for many of us are not sufficient, distorted or lifeless, but our own stories, questions and the circumstances of each day, are. The new engagement with the Letters is. Both may be the most profound and detailed instructions on how to live fuller and richer life with amazing alignment and powerful integrity.


What Is Your Name?

A name is a very important phenomenon. Why?
It is a reflection of who you are and your potential in this world!
Your name, according to Kabbalah, affirms your identity and grants you
the right to exist here on earth. You have a place and you make a difference.
This Higher Knowledge is becoming known to us. We long to know where our passion lies,
and what our specific mission is. Your name is the connection between your
spiritual roots and your actual physical life here on earth.


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