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Gilla Nissan has made engaging presentations to a wide variety of audiences internationally, from university classes to congregations, retreat programs and conference workshops. Her talks are experiential and enjoyed by both artists, writers, ritual leaders, professionals and academia scholars.Recent presentations have included Alef Kallah, Golden Bridge Yoga, Leo Baeck Temple, Sinai Temple, Mt. Shasta, Ojai Foundation, Metivta and two presentations in NYC and Jerusalem in summer 2016.
Her programs are accessible to all seekers of truth and self-development without any prior knowledge of Hebrew or Jewish experience. Sessions can be tailored to accommodate different settings, from single or multi-day retreats, workshop series or seasonal programs. She can help create new, meaningful life cycle and holy day rituals, including HolyDays, wedding celebrations, water rituals/Mikveh, Bar / Bat Mitzvah as well as presenting D’var Torah during services. . (see resume…)

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The Hebrew Letters and the Origin of the World
What is A Name? – According to the Bible and Today
What is Meditation? Jewish, Far Eastern, Visualizations,Guided   Imagery
The Visual: Expand your Consciousness
Kabbalah: Can we live without it?
Beauty in the Realm of the Divine: Tiferet
Life after Death:
  A live Testimony of Rashbi on His Passing from this World
Why ‘God and His Name’? From the Letters Perspective
The Message of Letter Alef: Reconcile the paradox
– Man and God

The Message of Letter Bet: The mission of your Soul,
The Expansion of your Life

Name Reading

Per 2 Hours

A one on one personal name reading with Gilla Nissan

Meditation and Group Work

Per Session
Ten Session

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Rates for personal guidance, circles and public work:
To join the circle uncovering the depths of meanings of ancient Hebrew texts by invitation. (Fee: donation basis).
Public presentations or other work fees’ to be decided in person.
Please call: 818-990 7942 or email:

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Private Appointments

Individuals who wish to study privately (in person or online) with Gilla Nissan will find the experience to be full of opportunity for self-discovery and self-refinement. Opportunities include exploring the 22 Hebrew Letters, uncovering the depths of meanings of ancient Hebrew texts through Kabbalistic interpretation, Jewish meditation and much more.

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Do you really know your Name?

A name is a very important phenomenon- why?
Because it is a reflection of who you are and your potential in this world!
Your name, according to Kabbalah not only affirms your identity but also grant you the right to exist here on earth. It’s your deed of trust because you have a place and you are important. This Higher Knowledge is finding its way to become known to us.
We long to know where is our passion and what is our specific mission.
Your name is the connection between your spiritual roots
And to your actual life here on earth.

Yes, send me the first Letter of my name Free